Born in June 2010, MOON(in)MOTION is the result of a challenge presented by Paulo Santos & Rui Santos (aka david Low), both longtime friends.
In his pocket, David Low, brought some ideas of simple straight melodies – home recorded – and Paulo Santos has offered to actually turn what were, incidentally, poor sterile seeds, into something really fruitful.
In less than six months, about seven consistent song ideas had emerged.
In March 2011 the band decided to call itself MOON(in)MOTION, an obvious reference to all the nighttime hours spent writing, recording and creating music.
Having the sole company of the moon, MOON(in)MOTION, in less than ten months of existence, had written a set of sixteen songs and recorded a cover of the song ‘Broken Wings’.
Under the rise of a New Moon on July 1st 2011, ‘the silent room’, a seven track advance EP, was released.
The reception of ‘the silent room’ was very positive, which led to the release of the full length CD on October 31st, 2011, including new themes and a new masterization.
After several live events during the first half of 2012, MOON(in)MOTION went back into studio to record ‘inside matter’, a five track e.p., which was released October the 29th, same year. Currently the band is working on their 3rd record entitled ‘Petroleum’ to be released during 2020.

On April 21st 2020 MOON(in)MOTION also start releasing a colective of new songs and sounds called #sketchesfromapart, set to be available through the band’s official YouTube Channel